Pallet Rack Upright Protectors

Pallet Rack Upright Protectors


Product Description

The anti-collision pallet rack upright protector is used to protect the storage rack column from the front, side and scratching impact of the forklift during work. It plays a protective role by absorbing and deflecting the impact, thereby preventing damage and maintaining the structural integrity of the storage shelf racking system , Thereby avoiding or reducing the cost of repair and maintenance caused by damage to the shelf storage rack column.


Advantage of Pallet Rack Upright Protector:

1. The color is eye-catching, which effectively warns forklift operators.

2. It is suitable for 80-120mm uprights to protect the uprights.

3. High economy and practicality.

4. Prevent and reduce damage caused by forklift load impact.

5. The installation is simple and fast, which can save space and improve work efficiency.


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