Heavy Duty Steel Logistics Trolley Storage Cage

Heavy Duty Steel Logistics Trolley Storage Cage

Logistics trolley, also known as cart trolley or cage car, is a unit mobile containerized equipment with four casters for transporting and storing materials.


Product Description

Logistics trolley, also known as cart steel storage trolley or cage cart trolley, is a unit mobile container equipment with four casters installed to transport and store materials. It is often used in logistics distribution of large supermarkets or logistics turnover between factory processes.

The products stored in the logistics trolley are displayed conspicuously. In the transportation, on the one hand, they protect the safety of materials. On the other hand, the sorted and equipped products will not be disordered. Loading and unloading is very labor-saving; wheels are usually designed as two directional wheels and two universal wheels to facilitate manual implementation. The logistics trolley can carry a weight of 500kg.

steel storage trolley

Advantages & Fetures

1.High loading capacity.
2.Easy installation.
3.Stable and durable.
4.Wide range of uses.


Some specifications and sizes
800*600*1450 mm
800*600*1700 mm
850*650*1700 mm
950*800*1700 mm
1100*800*1700 mm

Application Area

Logistics trolleys are widely used in school book handling, factory cargo transfer, warehouse storage, as well as supermarket cargo sorting and handling. It plays a very important role in the current market. At the same time, it saves a lot of costs for the large warehouse enterprises and factories.



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