Industrial Galvanized Pallet Rack Shelving Solutions

Industrial Galvanized Pallet Rack Shelving Solutions


Product Description

Pallet rack shelving can be said to be one of the most widely used storage racks on the market. Industrial pallet rack shelving has a simple structure, low manufacturing cost, convenient use, and flexible and safe storage of goods. It is a very cost-effective rack. Galvanized pallet racks can be used in conjunction with pallets to improve warehouse efficiency, safety, and space utilization. Pallet rack shelving can be used in conjunction with electric stackers and other equipment to meet different requirements. Pallet rack solutions are widely used in warehouses, supermarkets, logistics centers, and other places.

Pallet rack shelves are a large category of racks, that is, storage racks need to be used with pallets. Many heavy-duty storage racks are pallet racks, such as drive-in pallet racks, gravity racks, double-deep pallet racks, etc. The heavy-duty pallet rack is a very typical pallet rack. It inherits a large number of advantages of the pallet rack shelving, and the heavy-duty rack has a better load-bearing capacity and can store more and heavier goods. Now many customers on the market will choose these pallet rack shelves. Moreover, heavy-duty pallet racks have low environmental requirements and can be used in almost all types of environments.

The characteristics of pallet rack shelving

1. Suitable for storage of turnover boxes, pallets, and warehouse cages, etc.;

2. Suitable for mechanical operations such as forklifts;

3. The welding is firm and highly anti-deformation;

4. Easy to disassemble and move.

pallet rack shelving


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