Industrial Warehouse Drive in Pallet Rack for High Density Storage

Industrial Warehouse Drive in Pallet Rack for High Density Storage

Drive-in racking is designed for the storage of homogenous products. It accommodates a large number of pallets for each SKU. Drive-in/Drive-Thru Pallet Rack is ideal for stocking large quantities of relatively few items. It can reduce overall square footage requirements by 35 percent or more compared to a standard selective rack configuration.


Product Description

Drive in pallet rack and drive thru racking are terms that are often used interchangeably.It is difficult to differentiate between the two in some environments. Generally, drive-in racking requires operators to drive into the racking system from one side and remove pallets from the same entry point. Some drive-in rack systems have a wall or otherwise closed at the opposite end.

Drive-in & drive-through Racks offer the ability to store a large amount of similar product loads in a smaller area. Selectivity of product species is restricted, but storage density is outstanding. Drive in racking can store up to 75% pallets in the same space than selective racking which depends on your application. It requires fewer aisles and better cubic storage. A simple way to identify a drive-in rack systems is its LIFO inventory management. Product is rotated in a Last-In First-Out inventory manner because of the single entry/exit point.


Drive in pallet rack layout:


Drive in Pallet rack


Product Name Drive In Pallet Racks
Customized Specification Drive-in Racking is available in a range of sizes and configurations. Please call or email us and we can work together to get the most cost-effective and practical solution.
Pallet Rail Levels 2 levels, 3 levels, 4 levels, 5 levels
Load Capacity per Pallet 500KG, 800KG, 1200KG, 1500KG, 2000KG
Raw Material high quality cold rolling steel Q235B(SS400) purchased from Shanghai Baosteel Group
Material Thickness 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm
Surface Treatment powder coated
Rack Colors standard blue, orange and customized available


Sample CAD layouts for your reference:

drive in racking CAD

Product pictures



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