Heavy Duty Industrial Pallet Racks

Heavy Duty Industrial Pallet Racks


Product Description

Heavy duty pallet racks include the necessary components to build pallet racks to provide organized storage for pallet loads or large containers. Industrial pallet racks utilize vertical space to increase storage density in racking warehouses, distribution centers and other storage facilities. Loads are moved onto and off of the storage racks with forklifts or similar vehicles.

Each storage rack includes vertical uprights that connect to horizontal beams to create multiple storage rack shelves levels. The vertical distance between the beams on the pallet rack affects the load capacity of the storage rack. As the vertical spacing between beams increases, the load capacity of the storage racks decreases.

The starter unit can be used alone as a stand-alone rack. Add-on units can be connected to the starter unit or add-on units to create a multi-unit pallet racking system, they cannot be used individually as stand-alone pallet racks.


It is important that heavy duty pallet racks maintain their original structural shape. Industrial pallet rack manufacturers calculate how much weight or load capacity the structure can manage if the storage racks are completely full. Every time a pallet rack is bumped, scratched or impacted in any way, its movement and damage changes the shape of the structure, reducing its load-carrying capacity. This can be done all at once with a powerful impact, or it can accumulate smaller impacts over time. Either way, the integrity of the storage shelving and racking system is no longer complete and the structure is no longer secure.



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