Industrial Warehouse Pallet Rack Storage

Industrial Warehouse Pallet Rack Storage


Product Description

A warehouse pallet rack is a basic type of storage rack. It is also called a pallet storage rack and beam pallet rack. This is an industrial rack formed by the combination and combination of beams, shelf columns, and columns. The industrial pallet rack can generally be adapted in the rack warehouse. It is a popular and economical warehouse pallet rack.

As the name suggests, the pallet rack cannot be separated from the cooperation of the pallet and other accessories. In addition, the drive-in pallet rack and radio shuttle pallet rack can also be regarded as an improved and extended product form of the pallet rack. They all use the pallet as the structural bearing of goods, making the storage rack one of the important storage equipment.

When designing, manufacturing, and installing pallet racks, the specific conditions of the warehouse shall be fully considered, such as the access roadway between storage racks, the weight of goods per floor and location relative to the rack bearing capacity, and the distance and height between the designed pallet and the warehouse pallet rack. The comprehensive consideration of these basic factors is to ensure that the pallet rack storage can play a smooth and long-term role in the links of processing, manufacturing, installation, and use.

industrial pallet rack

Characteristics of warehouse pallet rack

The goods shall be stored on the warehouse pallet rack. Generally, the goods shall be handled in advance with pallets and storage cages, and then placed on the rack by forklifts.

The structure of the warehouse pallet rack is stable. Floor expansion screws must be installed at the foot of the pallet rack to ensure the stability of the pallet rack.

The pallet storage rack is suitable for the operation of forklifts, lifting equipment, etc.

The number of layers of industrial pallet racks can be determined according to the room height of the warehouse, the height of each pallet space, and other conditions. The bottom layer can be placed directly on the ground without beams.

Application of warehouse pallet rack

Warehouse pallet racks are widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics, distribution centers, and other fields. They are not only suitable for multi-variety and small-batch goods but also suitable for small variety and large batch goods.


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