Free Standing Cantilever Lumber Storage Rack

Free Standing Cantilever Lumber Storage Rack


Product Description

The storage rack industry has become an industry that can be traced back to the 1980s and 1990s. Rack production technology has developed in China since then. With the improvement of Chinese factory production technology, in order to save costs, more and more foreign-funded enterprises choose to purchase from China, and Chinese rack industry has emerged accordingly.

The cantilever lumber rack is one of the storage racking system, which is mainly composed of post, cantilever beams,cantilever arms, etc. Its characteristics are that the cantilever arm is light but with strong load capacity . It will improve the utilization and work efficiency of warehouse. The cantilever storage rack can be single-sided or double-sided, which are widely used to store long material, ring material, plate and irregular materials. The weight capacity of one arm could be 1000 kilograms, but if with strong post, the weight capacity could be 2000-3000 kilograms. Each unit have rear bracing,which will make the rack more stable.

free standing cantilever lumber rack

Advantages of Cantilever Lumber Rack:

1. The free standing cantilever lumber rack are all combined, easy to disassemble, transport, adjust, move, etc., safety and reliable.

2. Adjustable column is adopted to adjust the spacing between partitions and increase or decrease partitions according to actual needs.

3. It can fully improve the space utilization rate, standardize and standardize the management of warehouse materials, and match with stackers or forklifts, which can not only improve the efficiency of material circulation, reduce storage and transportation costs, increase economic benefits, but also improve the mechanization level of material circulation, reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions.

4. The length of the cantilever storage rack can be freely combined according to the site conditions.

Disadvantages of Cantilever Lumber Rack:

1. High requirements for the ground of the construction site.

2. High requirements for workers’ safe operation.

3. Only long materials can be stored.

4. The input cost is relatively high.


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