Slotted Angle Iron Rack Shelving

Slotted Angle Iron Rack Shelving

Aceally slotted angle shelving has been disigned to meet all storage needs in industry, workshops, warehouse, shops, etc, the loading capacity varies from light to heavy duty. It would be extended in width and height, it requires no special tools, makes Aceally slotted angle system ideal for manual warehouseing.


Product Description

Slotted angle shelving basic information:

  • Material :High grad of cold rolled steel
  •  Finish: deoiling –phosphating –plastic spraying
  •  Loading capability: 80-150kg/layer
  • 3,4,5,6 layers is available, and the layer height could be adjustable by free.
  • Different dimension, weight capability are available for us
  •  widely used in electrical,medicine,supermarket

Slotted angle shelving advantages:

  •  Cut-in composite beam structure, easy to install and disassemble
  •  Height of each layer can be adjusted freely for convenient storage
  •  Load capacity usually between 80-150kg per level
  •  Connection of main and subsidiary frames for saving space and costs
  •  Enables efficient storage of a wide range of goods
  •  It can be used single or connected one by one freely

Ps: Light duty slotted angle shelving non-standard specifications available, if you have special requirements, pls contact me, it can be design as per your needs.

Slotted angle shelving each parts technical parameters for reference:

Product name SPEC (mm) Thickness (mm) Length Capacity (lbs) Picture
Angle post (Equilateral) 35*35 36*36 37*37 38*38 40*40 1.5-2.0 H24”-144” 1000-3000  1
Angle post (Inequilateral) 60*40 57*37 1.5-2.0 H60”-192” 1500-3500
Shelves (without supporter) 900*300/400/450/600 0.7-1.0 100-200
Shelves (with supporter) 900*300/400/450/600 0.7-1.0 150-350
Corner plate 70*70 0.7
Bolts &nuts M8*16
Base plate

Product pictures


Packaging & Shipping:



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