Wholesale High Density Drive in Racking System

Wholesale High Density Drive in Racking System


Product Description

Drive in racking is also called drive through racking. The drive in racking system adopts the pallet access mode, which is suitable for the storage of goods with few varieties and large batches. In addition to the storage space near the aisle, the forklift needs to enter the rack to access the goods, and it is usually recommended that the depth of the single-sided pick-up should not exceed 7 positions. The wholesale drive in racking can be configured with guide rails according to actual needs. Forklifts can enter the cargo lane to store goods, and the storage density is high.

Drive in racking systems can be designed in different ways (with or without support rods at the end of the storage racks) to achieve “first-in, last-out” and “first-in, first-out” management of goods. In the same space, it can achieve almost double the storage capacity as the usual storage pallet racks, because the aisles between each row of storage racks are eliminated, and the storage racks are merged together so that the goods on the same layer and in the same row are connected to each other.

layout of drive in racking

Features of Drive in Racking

1. On the support rails, the pallets are stored in the depth direction, one after the other, which makes high-density storage possible;

2. The goods are stored and withdrawn from the same side of the storage rack, and the goods are stored first and then withdrawn, and then the latter is stored first and then withdrawn. The counterweight and the forklift truck can easily drive into the middle of the storage rack to access the goods without occupying multiple aisles;

3. This kind of storage rack is suitable for storing large quantities and a few varieties of goods;

4. The drive in racks are densely arranged, and the space utilization rate is extremely high.

Application of Drive in Racking

1. The drive in racks are used in warehouses with large horizontal dimensions, less variety, and large quantities of goods, and are generally used to store large quantities of goods of the same type.

2. The drive in racks have high storage density and high utilization of ground space, and are often used in warehouses with relatively high storage space costs such as cold storage, food, and tobacco.


Under what circumstances can you decide to use a drive in racking?

1. We have installed drive in racks for many refrigeration applications, which require storing as many pallets as possible in a limited space with expensive refrigeration equipment;

2. When you need seasonal goods, it will quickly help to remove them from your inventory;

3. When you have a large quantity and a small variety of goods stored on a simple pallet, it can realize the “last release, first out” of goods storage and retrieval;

4. You can choose to use it if you don’t need to store many kinds of goods on your storage racks.


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