Heavy Duty Drive in Pallet Racking

Heavy Duty Drive in Pallet Racking


Product Description

Drive in pallet racking is also called drive through pallet racking. The forklift can go into the warehouse racking passage to pick up the goods directly. This kind of heavy duty drive in pallet racking is suitable for the storage of large quantities but small variety goods. The pallet position is normally not more than 7 pallet positions because the forklift needs to enter into the racking passage. To improve the speed of the forklift, the customer can choose different guard rails according to the given condition. When compared with conventional warehouse storage pallet racking, the utility of warehouse space for drive in pallet racking can increase more than 30%.

Nowadays the drive in pallet racking is already widely used in wholesale, cold room and food and tobacco industry, etc. Drive through racks have almost twice the storage capacity of the usual pallet racks in the same space, as the elimination of laneways between rows of racks and the consolidation of racks allow the same layer and column of goods to follow each other to maximize the capacity utilization of the storage capacity. The drive in pallet racking consists of upright, horizontal bracing and diagonal bracing, cross bracing, top bracing, beam, row spacer, double stub, single stub, upright protector, guard rail, and so on.

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Characteristics of Drive in Pallet Racking

1. On the support rails, the pallets are stored one after another in the depth direction, which makes high-density storage possible.

2. Goods can be put in and taken out from the same side of the shelf. The counterweight and the forward-moving forklift can be easily pushed into the middle of the storage rack to access the goods without occupying multiple aisles.

3. This kind of storage rack is suitable for storing a large number of commodities with few varieties.

4. The complete plug-in assembly structure of the drive in pallet rack, the column is an assembly structure, the total depth of the storage rack in the wall rack can be designed to be within 7 pallet depths, and the total depth is accessible on both sides of the middle area The storage racks are usually within 9 pallets in depth to improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift entry.

5. Widely used in various warehouses and logistics centers.


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