Light Duty Slotted Angle Rack

Light Duty Slotted Angle Rack

Light-duty slotted angle rack is now widely applied in the electronic industry, libraries, shops, and small parts stores. Due to the light-duty slotted angle rack is light, so it is simple and convenient for transportation, installation, and disassembly.


Product Description

The light-duty slotted angle rack is made from strong steel construction that will not rust, splinter, warp, or sliver. We make slotted angle racks offered in different sizes and thicknesses which support slotted angles provided in options of hot-dip, plain, and in a painted finish for long time usage. Further, the presence of galvanized/powder coated finish also provides for optimum corrosion resistance. This type of slotted angle rack is ideal for both commercial and industrial applications, thanks to its lasting grey-baked enamel finish that can stand up to even the toughest work environments.

20210804-5Light Duty Slotted Angle Rack

Some of the standard features of these slotted angle racks include racks with an adjustable arrangement, greater depth support, complete flexibility to use, allows for easier assembling using nuts and bolts, choice of different thicknesses, robust construction standards that allow handling maximum storage, heavy-duty structural steel section, and others.


Details of Slotted Angle Rack

Details of Slotted Angle Shelving

Features of Slotted Angle Rack

1) Mainly consists of upright and steel layer board.

2) Easy-to-assemble, no-screw plug-in system and no special skills or equipment required.

3) Beautiful appearance and free adjustment.

4) The capacity of each layer is 50-150kg.

5)Standard angle dimensions and hole patterns mean any sections can be bolted together.

6)Available in a variety of sections to suit different applications.

7) Mainly suitable for goods with small size and lightweight, and widely used in the electrical industry and light industry.

Package of Slotted Angle Rack

Package of Slotted Angle Shelving


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