• 04012024
  • How to strengthen pallet storage rack management and improve warehouse operation efficiency


    In the management of enterprise warehouses, all aspects of work are very important. Enterprises should adopt scientific and reasonable methods to strengthen management of all aspects, thereby improving overall work efficiency. Among various tasks, storage rack management is an inevitable and important task.

    In terms of pallet storage rack management, it is mainly divided into the early stage and the late stage. The early work is the planning and placement of warehouse storage racks, and the later work is management during warehouse operation.


    Storage rack planning and placement

    The planning and placing of warehouse racks in the early stage is very important. Based on the type, specification, quantity, and other factors of the stored goods, plan to determine the pallet storage racks’ height, the cargo spaces’ size, and the distance between the racks. Scientific and reasonable planning can lead to efficient operation in subsequent work.

    Therefore, it is necessary to plan three cargo spaces of different sizes to ensure the diversity of cargo spaces so that products of different specifications can be stored. Keep a certain distance between adjacent storage racks to facilitate the work of manual or machine equipment to access the racks and access goods.


    Storage rack label affixing

    To facilitate management, every pallet storage rack and even every cargo space in the warehouse is managed using barcodes or labels. Therefore, it must be given a unique label through the management system and affixed to the corresponding location. During the storage and retrieval of goods, the code scanner is used to scan the goods to complete the corresponding work.


    Daily management

    In the daily work of the warehouse, rules, and regulations are used to ensure that the goods on the heavy duty pallet storage racks are not overweight and to avoid unexpected situations. There is no accumulation of debris or other goods around the racks to ensure normal work.
    In addition, pallet storage racks, cargo locations, and cargo labels are in one-to-one correspondence to avoid inconsistencies between cargo labels and storage rack and cargo location labels. This prevents people from being unable to find goods and improves warehouse efficiency.


    Information changes and updates

    When the goods change, the goods are stored or retrieved through manual or automated equipment. After the quantity or location of the goods changes, the information data of the corresponding cargo locations and storage racks are updated and synchronized to the management interface in a timely manner. Or use other methods to record the changes in a timely manner so that the records can completely match the physical quantities so that management can be carried out.


    Generally, changes in information data are recorded through task documents and by scanning tags.

    Therefore, in the management of storage racks, on the one hand, we must make preliminary specifications to ensure the normal storage of goods. On the other hand, certain measures should be taken, such as using a warehouse management system and improving rules and regulations, to make storage rack management in the warehouse easier.

    Post time: 04-01-2024