Warehouse Industrial Drive in Pallet Racking System

Warehouse Industrial Drive in Pallet Racking System


Product Description

The warehouse industrial drive in pallet racking system has a very high-density storage of goods, and it also has a very high requirement for the stability of warehouse racking, so this storage racking system has much more spare parts when compared with other kinds of warehouses storage racking. The upright frame is connected by accessories to make full use of the warehouse space.

The components for drive in racking include upright frame, single stub, double stub, top bracing, horizontal bracing, diagonal bracing, upright protector, rail, and so on.

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Warehouse industrial drive in pallet racking system is widely used on many occasions such as cold room and milk industry and so. This kind of warehouse racking has much higher density storage. The pallet is put in the guard rail one by one, the loading and unloading goods insist FIFO, that is first in, last out system. The forklift can go into the passage to pick up the goods, this will save a lot of space.

The total pallet position that is next to the wall should be control within the five pallet positions. The pallet position in the middle can reach 10 to improve the stability of the efficiency of the storage goods. The drive in pallet racking is less strong when compared with other kinds of storage racking, such as selective pallet racking.

In light of this, the height of drive in racking system shouldn’t be too high, normally the height is not less than 10 meters. This kind of storage racking has very high-density storage. You can load the goods from one side, but pick up goods from another side by forklift. The stability of the drive through racking system is weak among all types of storage racks.

Forklift operators should be experienced to ensure their safety during operation because the forklift needs to drive into the racking passage to pick up the goods. If the storage racking system is not stable and collapses, it will harm the related person. And all goods will be damaged at the same time. This will cause a great loss. Daily maintenance of the storage racks is also important, high-level shelf storage rack maintenance ensures efficient storage and safe use of the racks.


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