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Product Description

Hydroponic grow table greenhouse rolling bench is one of our new products. Greenhouse breeding bed, also known as the rolling bench, is widely used in horticulture, flowers, nursery, breeding, and other industries, it is mainly used in greenhouse flower cultivation, vegetable seedlings, rice seedlings, Chinese herbal medicine, medicinal seedlings, etc. It is the lack of equipment in modern agriculture.

The main advantage of a greenhouse rolling bench is to increase planting area effectively. The layout of the hydroponic rolling bench can be arranged vertically or horizontally islands, but no matter what kind of layout, just leave a mobile aisle. The use of mobile seedbeds can increase the effective space of greenhouses to more than 80%.

Specifications of the greenhouse rolling bench:

Product NameHydroponic Grow Table Greenhouse Rolling Bench
MaterialHot-dip Galvanized Steel
Height30 inches and can be fine-tuned, can be customized
Lengthaccording to users’ requirements.
Heavy/ weight load50-120KG/m2
TrayThe tray is food grade ABS, 2.5mm/3mm thickness, good performance, good load-bearing capacity, and long service life.

Components of greenhouse rolling bench

Characteristics of the greenhouse rolling bench:

1. It is widely used for flower production, vegetable seedlings, and greenhouses of greenhouses. The planting operation is convenient, and anti-side flip installations are designed to avoid overturning.

2. 0.6m-0.8m wide operating channels can be generated between two seedbeds.

3. It can be moved left and right, the height direction can be fine-tuned, and the area of greenhouses can reach more than 80%.

4. The advantages of mobile seedling beds, are firm welding, good load-bearing, accurate size, convenient installation construction, corrosion resistance, and durability.

5. The seedbed is beautiful and generous, economical and practical, corrosion resistant, aging resistant, acid and alkali, non-fading, and can be used in the greenhouse tide environment for a long time. Conventional size of mobile seedling beds: 1.7 meters, 1.75 meters, and 1.8 meters of other specifications can be customized, switched at random and easy to install.

Applications of greenhouse rolling bench

The hydroponic grow table greenhouse rolling bench is a mature agricultural irrigation technology. It has been widely used in developed countries. The greenhouse rolling bench solves the “three-phase” composition of irrigation and oxygen supply. It is also a high-energy agricultural technology that does not destroy the matrix. It is also in a wide range of development stages in my country.