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Product Description

The design principle of the drive in racking system is to connect several rows of traditional shelf storage racks without using dedicated channels. Its configuration can be two sets of back-to-back drives or a set of drives against the wall. The same passage is used for the forklift’s access. In the storage process, the internal storage is first, and then the external storage is in order. When transporting, first take it out of the external cargo, and then take it out from the inside one by one. The storage density is very good. It is a first-in-last-out storage racking system. Suitable for regular batch operations and high-frequency material storage and transfer warehouse products.

Drive in racking system is currently widely used in drink and animal husbandry and other food industry, especially in the cold rooms and freezing rooms. When compared with conventional warehouse racking, the warehouse utility can reach 80%, the utility can increase above 30%. it is the most effective way to store goods in all kinds of warehouse storage goods. The investment cost is rather lower when compared with another kind of warehouse racking. It is Suitable for horizontal size is larger, less variety, more quantity, commonly used to store a large number of the same type of goods, because of its storage density to the ground space utilization rate is high, often used in cold storage, food, tobacco, and other storage space higher cost warehouse.

This mold frame structure form can make forklift operation channel and goods storage space common, greatly improve the warehouse space, site area utilization rate, but the same operating channel of goods can not be done first-in, suitable for large quantities, few varieties, or operating channels of goods flow together to the same customer’s goods store, such as beverages, dairy products, tobacco, cryogenic refrigeration storage, standard specifications of home appliances, chemicals, clothing, and other industries. According to statistics, drive in racks can achieve maximum storage density, space efficiency utilization rate can be increased to up to 90%, site area utilization rate of more than 60%. Our market ranges from Europe and America, such as UK, Canada, USA, mid-east and so on.