Durable Plastic Pallet

Durable Plastic Pallet

The pallet is a structure that facilitates the handling of goods by machineries such as front loaders, forklifts, and jacks. They are made of wood or plastic. Therefore, plastic pallets are pallets made of plastic materials.


Product Description

Durable plastic pallets can be cleaned easily and are ideal for various environments, including food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals, and are available in ventilated and solid styles, as well as various materials including FDA approved or flame retardants, depending on your specific situation need.


QTY in 40′HQ : 1200*1000mm 40ft HQ container:386pcs

                             1100*1100mm 40ft HQ container:370pcs

                             1200*1200mm 40ft HQ container:310pcs

Please note: Above listed data are for reference, We also can design and produce according to the customer’s requirement.

Features and Advantages of Durable Plastic Pallet

1. Professional design, reasonable structure, huge loading, non-slip process, and stable stacking.

2. Four-way forklift entry, easy to operate, convenient for transport of the goods.

3. Full specifications for factories, warehouses, stores, garages, shelves, or other places.

4. Advanced processing technology to meet mass production with high quality and on-time delivery.

5. Strong impact resistance and durability, a wide range of temperature applications.

6. Hygienic and good appearance; easy to clean, disinfect, or dry; friendly to the environment.

7. No nails or thorns, no damage to the goods during package.

8. Resistant to acid, alkali, moisture, or corrosion; applicable on a variety of special occasions.

9. Anti-moth, free fumigation, reducing cargo export procedures and costs, accelerating cash flow, enhancing competitiveness.

10. Materials recyclable–broken pallets are raw materials for some other products.

11. No static sparks, no combustion, help to prevent the warehouse fire.

12. Long service life——2-3 times that of wooden pallet, even 4-5 times of wooden pallet life when used carefully.

13. Certain chemicals are added to the materials to improve the features of the pallet for different applications.

14. Tasteless and non-toxic, having no pollution on goods such as food, helping to improve warehouse environment.

15. Easy to print such as client’s logo for recognizing or advertising.


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