Galvanized Steel Welded Wire Mesh Panel

Galvanized Steel Welded Wire Mesh Panel


Product Description

Galvanized steel welded wire mesh panel is a kind of high-quality low-carbon steel wire row welding, and then cold plating (electroplating), hot plating, PVC plastic coating, and other surface passivation, plasticization treatment. The wire mesh is a mesh-like wire mesh product with a smooth mesh surface, uniform mesh, firm solder joints, good local machining performance, stability, anti-corrosion, and good corrosion resistance. Galvanizing treatment (electroplating or hot-dip galvanizing) is carried out after the galvanized steel wire mesh panel is formed so that it has the characteristics of firm solder joints, reasonable structure, uniform mesh, and strong corrosion resistance.

Galvanized steel welded wire mesh panel

Advantages of Wire Mesh Panel

1. Compared with steel wire mesh panel and wooden decking, steel wire mesh panel has better function in light transmission. It meets fire protection requirements and helps reduce insurance rates.

2. Surface treatment: galvanized or powder sprayed for rust and corrosion resistance.

3. Used together with the storage racking or shelving, a wire mesh panel will be put on the box beam, step beam

4. The product is beautiful and durable and is widely used in the American, European, and Australian markets.


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