Metal Steel Pallet

Metal Steel Pallet


Product Description

The metal steel pallet is composed of support beams, upper panels, and angle steel. The support tube is a 50×30×1.3mm high-quality carbon steel pipe. Forklift trucks are 4-way and manual pallet trucks are 2-way. The C-shaped steel of the panel makes the pallet more non-slip. The safety side is angle steel of 30×30mm. The pallet has a high load-bearing ratio, up to 60 times its own weight.


The heavy-duty steel pallet adopts welded steel structure, which is durable. They have a rust-proof electro-galvanized surface. Our galvanized steel pallets are non-porous and will not breed bacteria or insect larvae. Stackable metal steel pallets are designed for handling heavy loads, transportation, and bulk stacking or storage in pallet racks. These metal pallets have so many functions in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers.

Steel pallets are the metal that replaces wooden pallets in storage and distribution because their steel structure can extend service life, reduce maintenance costs, prevent pollution, and is recyclable. The average life span of metal pallets far exceeds the life span of wooden pallets. No longer need to fix, repair, maintain, and dispose of wooden pallets. The metal steel pallets are returnable and recyclable, which can save you money in the long run.


Features and Advantages of Metal Steel Pallet

• Handled by forklift or pallet jack

• No sharp edges

• Durable, strong and stable

• Galvanized finish is used for rust resistance

• Clean, non-porous, and washable

• Recyclable and renewable

• Less damage, repair, and maintenance

• Lower shipping class, the lower shipping cost per trip

• Popular for pharmaceutical, food processing, petroleum, chemicals, and heavy industry


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