Wholesale Heavy Duty Pallet Storage Rack

Wholesale Heavy Duty Pallet Storage Rack


Product Description

Pallet storage racks are a large category of storage racks. The racks need to be used with pallets. Many heavy duty pallet storage racks are pallet racks, such as drive-in pallet racks, gravity racks, and double-deep pallet racks.

pallet storage rack

Wholesale pallet racks are used to store unitized pallet goods and are equipped with roadway stackers and other storage and transportation machinery. High-rise storage racks are mostly of integral structure, generally made of steel-welded rack pieces (with pallets), which are connected by horizontal and vertical tie rods beams and other components. The side clearance takes into account the parking accuracy of the goods in the original position, the parking accuracy of the stacker, the installation accuracy of the stacker and the rack, etc. The width of the cargo support must be greater than the side clearance so that one side of the cargo is not supported. It adopts a free combination method, which is easy to disassemble and move. The position of the beam can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the height of the push code of the item. It can also be called an adjustable pallet storage rack.

Heavy duty pallet storage racks can be used in conjunction with pallets to improve warehouse work efficiency, safety, and space utilization. Pallet storage racks can be used with electric stackers and other equipment to meet different requirements. Pallet storage racks are widely used in warehouses, supermarkets, logistics centers, and other places.

Features of pallet storage racks:

1. Suitable for storing turnover boxes, pallets, warehouse cages, etc.;

2. Suitable for mechanical operations such as forklifts;

3. The welding is firm and highly anti-deformation;

4. Easy to disassemble and move.


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