Longspan Racking Warehouse

Longspan Racking Warehouse


Product Description


Longspan racking warehouse is very easy to assemble and provides a quick and economical way to transform your storage area. This kind of racking is ideal for box storage, from small components to heavy cartons.

Longspan racking is very easy to assemble and disassemble. It has a nice appearance and simple structure with an ultra-high-strength steel panel, easy to install and disassemble without using a single bolt.

This kind of storage racking is very popular because it can save space effectively. Besides, it can be adjustable freely by its pitches. Longspan racking warehouse is especially suitable for those small in size but large quantity products like retailing industry. Currently, longspan racking has been widely used in families, stores, supermarkets, warehouses, etc.

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Features of Longspan Racking

Longer length shelving with a heavier weight loading.

Up to 1000kg weight loading per level.

A choice of 2 heights, 3 depths, and 4 lengths to maximize your storage space.

All racks or beams can be adjusted freely every 50mm.

Racks or panels can be made from wire mesh or moisture-resistant steel board.

Consists of upright frames, beams, and shelves.

Easily assembled in minutes.

Powder-coated paint finish.

Extra longspan racks easily added.

Increase your storage space by adding an extension unit.

Especially suitable for those small in size but large quantity products like retailing industry.

Design Factors of Longspan Racking

How high (1800mm or 2000mm) — most popular is 2000mm.

How long (1200, 1500, 1800, 2000 or 2400) — most popular is 1800mm or 2400mm.

How many levels (3, 4, or 5) — most popular are 4 levels.

Details of Longspan Racking

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