Heavy Duty Industrial Longspan Shelving

Heavy Duty Industrial Longspan Shelving


Product Description


Longspan shelving which has a special design, proper structure, and is easy to install in dismantling without any screw thread connector for 200-600kg per layer, is widely used in supermarkets, stores, and other enterprises. The industrial storage longspan shelving is the level of international standard the height could be adjusted easily by 50 distance.

Heavy duty longspan shelving has a simple structure and nice appearance requires no bolts and is easy to mount and remove. Longspan shelving can be randomly adjusted with a pitch of 50mm to ensure that the goods below 200kg can be burdened on each floor. Industrial storage longspan shelving is widely applied in stores, supermarkets, enterprises warehouses, and public institutions.


Features of Longspan Shelving

  •  Material: High grade of cold-rolled steel.
  •  Steel Decking Panel: Provide both zinc-plated and powder-coated steel decking panels.
  •  Finish: deoiling –phosphating –plastic spraying.
  •  Loading capability: 80-500kg/layer.

Advantages of Longspan Shelving

  •  Fast and easy to assemble, no need for special tools.
  •  3,4,5,6 layers are available, and the layer height could be adjustable for free.
  •  Different dimensions, weight capabilities are available for us.
  •  Shelves are easily adjusted to your needs as stock patterns change.
  •  Ideal for a wide range of big and bulky items.
  •  widely used in electrical, medicine, supermarket, etc.

Photos of Longspan Shelving

20211108Heavy-Duty-Industrial-Longspan-Shelving01 20211108Heavy-Duty-Industrial-Longspan-Shelving02 20211108Heavy-Duty-Industrial-Longspan-Shelving03 20211108Heavy-Duty-Industrial-Longspan-Shelving04


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