Greenhouse Solid Steel Trolley Flower Cart Wholesale

Greenhouse Solid Steel Trolley Flower Cart Wholesale

In the past decades, wholesale flower trolley cart always been the most staple in Horiculture, but now gaining more ground in other industries. The danish plant trolley widely used for plant nursery, garden center display, flower shop display, flower auction, logistics transporting, also in greenhouse, garden center, farms and many other fields.


Product Description

Solid steel flower trolley is mainly used in horticultural industry, such as nursery plantations, gardens, flower shops, flower auction houses, greenhouses, mushroom farms and other places, integrating display, transportation, cultivation and other functions.


Our flower trolley have a variety of styles, from plywood,metal board and expanded steel mesh to plastic panels, which can accommodate a wide range of flowerpot sizes and can be stacked into two layers. you can also choose directional wheel or universal wheel. The plant support can move flexibly in a small space, which is convenient for transportation and saves manpower.

Types of Flower Trolley

We also have 3 kinds of surface treatment, powder coating、hot dip galvanizing、cold galvanizing. In addition, we have our own spraying line so you can customize the color you want, just let us know the color code.

Product Informations

Producat name Solid steel flower trolley/Metal board steel mesh cart
Surface treatment
  • Hot Galvanized

  • Electric Galvanized
  • Powder Coating
Loading capacity 50-120kg/level
Popular sizes 77″x59″x22″(1956*1495*558mm)
  • Adjustable Shelf Heights
  • Base are stackable for easy storage
  • With 5″ casters

Features of Flower Trolley

1. Easy transportation:

This flower trolley is perfect for moving plants and flowers around in large numbers in the garden. The wheels allow the flower trolley to be pushed around easily without wasting much effort, so you can save a lot of effort in moving plants around. Whether transporting plants to and from the nursery or moving them around the garden, the flower trolley is an essential tool for any gardener.

2. Customizable:

We offer a customizable option for our customers. We take your needs and specifications into account to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Whether you’re looking for a specific color or design, our customizable option allows you to create a uniquely personal item that is just right for you.

3. Corrosion resistant:

Corrosion is a huge problem for anyone who owns flower trolley. This is why our flower trolley is such a valuable tool for trolley owners. With our electric galvanized finish, your trolley will never rust, and you can water your plants directly from the trolley to keep them healthy! Whether you’re displaying your plants indoors or out, our corrosion resistant flower trolley is the perfect way to keep them looking their best.

Applications of Flower Trolley

Solid steel flower trolley it is widely used in the transfer of greenhouse fry and garden flowers. In which it acts as a transport tool. Greatly improved the greenhouse and garden flower handling efficiency, reduce costs and improve profits.

Applications of Flower Trolley

Packaging and Shipping of Flower Trolley

Package and Shipment of Flower Trolley


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