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The combined mezzanine floor uses the enclosing columns and beams as the main support plus the floor slab. The floor slab is usually made of wooden boards or cold-rolled steel buckle plates, etc .; it is provided with stairs and guardrails, and the use efficiency of the lifting platform is doubled.

Product Description

Warehouse mezzanine floors are composed of platforms and racks. Mainly includes beams, columns, cross braces, mesh, floor slabs, floor beams, stairs, tie rods, handrails, etc. The mezzanine floor system is designed for storing goods, and aisles are suitable for workers to carry goods.

The mezzanine floor is used for mezzanine support in the case of limited plant space and can design multiple layers (usually 2 to 3 layers) of warehouse storage racks, the industrial mezzanine floor can use stairs or a hydraulic lifting platform as climbing facilities and each floor can be placed different goods.

The mezzanine floor fully considers humanized logistics, beautiful design, generous structure, easy installation, and disassembly, and flexible design according to the field. The shelf structure of the goods has the function of supporting the upper floor slabs. They are suitable for warehouses with high warehouses and large storage capacities and are widely used in the fields of automobiles, electronics, and machinery.

Specification of Mezzanine Floor

Product NameWarehouse Industrial Mezzanine Floor System
Customized SpecificationRack Supported Mezzanine is available in a range of sizes and configurations. Please call or email us and we can work together to get the most cost-effective and practical solution.
Upper/Lower Rack Levels2 levels, 3 levels, 4 levels, 5 levels
Rack Load Capacity300KG, 500KG, 700KG, 1000KG, 1500KG per level
Catwalk/Aisle Width800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm
Aisle Flooring Load Carry Capacity300KG, 500KG, 600KG per square meter
Raw Materialhigh quality cold rolling steel Q235B(SS400) purchased
Material Thickness1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm
Surface Treatmentdeoil, derusting and powder coat paint finish
Mezzanine Colorsstandard blue, orange and customized available

Features of Mezzanine Floor

  1. 1. Mezzanine floor can increase shelf height, make full use of storage height, and make better use of storage space;
  2. 2. Warehouse mezzanine floors fully consider humanized logistics, with beautiful design and generous structure. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be flexibly designed according to the field;
  3. 3. Special steel gussets for laying shelves on the floor of the steel mezzanine floor have the characteristics of strong load capacity, good integrity, uniform layer load, smooth surface, and easy locking;
  4. 4. The mezzanine floor design is customized according to various installation conditions and can be easily assembled on-site without welding. Mezzanine floors are suitable for storing many types of items;
  5. 5. For the upper and lower floors of the cargo, forklifts, hydraulic lifting platforms, freight elevators, etc. can be selected; the transportation of goods on the same level is usually done with a small trolley.

Package and Shipment of Mezzanine Floor