Ebb and Flow Grow Rolling Bench for Greenhouse

Ebb and Flow Grow Rolling Bench for Greenhouse

Frame: Aluminum alloy
Vertical bar: Aluminum alloy
Flood tray: ABS plastic tray
Leg: Galvanized steel


Product Description

Ebb and flow grow rolling benches are one of the easiest and most practical additions to a hydroponic greenhouse room. They allow you to use up to 50% more of the space in your grow room.

The Ebb and flow system is known for its simplicity, reliable operation, and low initial investment cost. With the help of the greenhouse rolling bench, the ebb and flow system is able to move left or right using a series of rollers on top of the support frame. So as to maximize the use of available greenhouse space. Thereby maximizing the use of the available space in the greenhouse. This means the tables can be stacked side by side with no gaps in between, and the planters only separate them when they need to access a certain table.


Rolling bench trays are equipped with a drainage grid, in order to help the flow of water, to ensure that all plants get proper nutrition and moisture flow. Our tray is made of ABS plastic, easy to clean and maintain. Rectangular Pipe hot galvanized 32×32× 1.5, anti-corrosion in the welding part 60cm catwalk between every two ebb and flow rolling benches. The frame is aluminum, which is lightweight and has long-life service. A balancing device is added for the rolling bench to prevent the flowers from rolling over. Large working space for flowers, rolling bench area is more than 80% of the total area of greenhouse Max load for flowers 40kg/m2 120kg /m2.

Components of rolling bench:

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Specifications of rolling bench:

Product Name Ebb and Flow Grow Rolling Bench for Greenhouse
Material Hot-dip Galvanized Steel
Width 4ft/5ft/5.5ft/6ft/Customized
Height 30 inches and can be fine-tuned, can be customized
Length according to users’ requirements.
Heavy/ weight load 50-120KG/m2
Tray The tray is food grade ABS, 2.5mm/3mm thickness, good performance, good load-bearing capacity, and long service life.

Benefits of rolling bench:

1. Save water and fertilizer, and save labor costs for irrigation.

2. Providing a better plant growth environment.

3. With double-layer anticorrosion, anticorrosion ability.

4. There are several treatment methods of hot-dip galvanized and dip coating, suitable for the humid and hot environment of the greenhouse.

Features of rolling bench:

1) Manual drive, ease of operation, and movement. Seedbed border for the aluminum alloy, The surface treatment of steel pipe bracket portion and seedbed networks are hot dip galvanizing, particularly suitable for hot and humid environment greenhouse.

2) Plant Trellis Supports are manufactured with galvanized steel to prevent rusting and corrosion. All greenhouse plant supports consist of uprights that are attached to the growing greenhouse bench side rails and are connected by a rigid cross bar that has a thumb screw on each upright post for easy height adjustment.

3) The range of Trimming is 300mm, The utilization of the greenhouse area is 80%.

4) Anti-tilt devices prevent the problem of inclination caused by emphasis.

5) UV Protective Ability.

Applications of rolling bench:



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