Warehouse Cantilever Shelving Pipe Storage Rack

Warehouse Cantilever Shelving Pipe Storage Rack

The Warehouse cantilever shelving pipe storage rack belongs to the category of storage racks category, and it adopts special profile columns with high-strength cantilever. It is suitable for storing various long materials, ring materials, plates and irregular materials. The reach of the cantilever can be single or double, with a light structure, good load capacity. Single-arm weight up to 1000kg and the column structure with specially reinforced can load 2000 ~ 3000kg.


Product Description

The design of the back pull increases the overall stability of the cantilever shelving pipe storage rack, the installation is simple and the accessories are complete. Adopting modular structure and special profile column, increase the stability by designing back pull. Matching high-strength cantilever (the arm can be single-sided or double-sided). It has the advantages of lightweight, good load capacity, and high space utilization.

With the addition of shelves, it is particularly suitable for small space, low height warehouse, easy management,wide field of vision. Comparing with ordinary shelf-type racks, the utilization rate is higher; according to the carrying capacity can be divided into three types: heavy-duty cantilever racking, mid-duty cantilever rack and light-duty cantilever rack.


Features & Advantages:

1. Easier to use
With no front column in the way, faster to load and unload, lowering handling time and costs.
2. More flexible
Loads may be placed anywhere along the entire length of a row on a cantilever rack.
3. More compact
The lack of a front column saves horizontal space and provides more abundant handling clearance.
4. More selective
Any load or storage slot is immediately accessible.
5. More economical
Both reduced handling times and increased space utilization make cantilever racks more cost-efficient. And increase load length increases.
6. More adaptable
Cantilever racks can store nearly any type of load long, bulky, or oddly-shaped.

Scope of application:

  • Suitable for storing long materials, ring materials, plates, pipes and irregular goods.
  • Cantilevered racks are mostly used in machinery manufacturing and building materials supermarkets.
  • With the addition of shelves, it is particularly suitable for small, low-rise warehouses, convenient management, wide field of vision, and higher utilization than ordinary shelves.
  • The cantilever can be single-sided or double-sided. The cantilevered rack has the characteristics of stable structure, good load carrying capacity and high space utilization.
  • The cantilever rack is made of an overhanging cantilever mounted on a conventional rack pillar and is a special rack for long goods.

Product Specifications:

Product name cantilever shelving
Upright 60x30x1.5-3.0mm;70x30x1.5-3.0mm;80x30x1.5-3.0mm;60x40x1.5-3.0mm
Material cold rolled steel ,stainless steel
Surface treatment powder coating
Packing standard: metal strip, film, paper board and master carton
Accessories available Wire basket, double hook, single hook, price list tag, front and side fence, corner protector and so on.

Product pictures

Cantilever rack2


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