Plastic Stackable Parts Bins for Sale

Plastic Stackable Parts Bins for Sale

Plastic Parts Bins Widely used in automotive, electronics, home appliances and storage areas, so that products stacked neatly, convenient, easy to manage.Reasonable design, excellent quality, so plastic stackable bins can be applied to the logistics of the enterprise storage, circulation and processing, such as closed loop distribution system.


Product Description

Plastic stackable parts bins are divided into group plastic storage bins boxes and back hanging plastic storage bins boxes.

All specifications and sizes of modern plastic storage bins boxes are obtained by strict mathematical calculation. They can be stacked neatly and accurately with most standard logistics instruments. They are the basic units to complete the standardization and specialization of logistics containers.

Modern plastic storage bins boxes design is reasonable and in line with industry standards. It can cooperate with a variety of logistics equipment to complete the mechanized operation of goods and improve the efficiency of logistics turnover.

It is not only hard in texture, but also good in cold and heat resistance. It has a strong adaptability to temperature. Chemical stability is also high and can withstand general acids and bases and organic solvents.

Plastic storage bins boxes is an important tool for enterprises to carry out turnover and storage. Its quality will directly affect the turnover efficiency of goods. Therefore, we will pay special attention to its quality problems.


Plastic Parts Bin Applications:

Plastic Parts Bin is suitable for the storage and use of various small parts, materials, stationery, etc. of the factory and the office.

Plastic stackable bins reasonable design, excellent quality, suitable for the transportation, distribution, storage, circulation and processing in the factory. Widely used in machinery, automobiles, home appliances, light industry, electronics, and other industries, acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, non-toxic and tasteless, used to contain food, easy to clean, convenient parts turnover, neatly stacked, easy to manage.

plastic bins matched with various logistics container and station device, used for a variety of occasions all kinds of the warehouse, production site, in the production site management more and more attention to the vast number of enterprises. And plastic bins to help complete the elements stored in the universal, integrated management, modern logistics management essential goods production and circulation enterprises.


Parts Bins Advantages:

  • Quickly and easily organize your work area with this great plastic bins system.
  • With stackable bins you’ll be able to be able to identify what you have and which drawer it’s stored in with accuracy and simplicity.
  • Clean up your work area and speed up your work process with this plastic parts bins.
  • Can hang on the track and are stackable.
  • You can use the interlocking track to form long horizontal bin are or use separately.
  • Ideal for storing nuts, bolts and other small parts.

Parts Bin Visual Management

1.There are red, yellow, blue, green, white, transparent,six optional color , easy to manage and allows us to identify different types of materials by color 2.Semi-open structure, it is easy to see all the things inside,Transparent bezel also help achieve visual management. parts-bins-05

Stackable Bins Specifications:

Model No.
Material Size Carton size Qty per carton
ACL8049 PP 445*300*180 960*470*820 18
ACL8050 PP 445*205*180 820*460*690 16
ACL8051 PP 330*195*150 850*360*680 24
ACL8052 PP 240*145*120 610*490*580 40
ACL8053 PP 156*100*75 630*330*650 120
ACL006 PP 600*400*225 870*640*710 8

We’re one of the leading warehouse racking solution providers and designers in China, equipped with a professional and productive factory at your service, and a group of experienced engineers stand behind us. If you are interested in our plastic parts bins, welcome to send us the inquiry and place orders.

Product Service:

1. We supply high quality products with reasonable price. 2. We are the professional manufacturer 3. Advanced Production machine; 4. Strict quality control system; 5. We have professional sales team; 6. Experienced exporting for all over the world; 7. We supply one-step solution service.


1. Packaging: Including accessories, 20 pcs/ctn, CTN size: 73*45*65cm, G.W./N.W.: 14.1/13.0 kgs 2. Shipping: International Express, By Sea and By Air 3.7days after payment receipt



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