Greenhouse Danish Flower Trolley

Greenhouse Danish Flower Trolley

Flower trolleys are important in the greenhouse industry for moving and showing plants. They are available to meet almost all growers' needs: transport, shopping, grower seedling, display, and other customer services.


Product Description


The flower trolley is the best solution for moving plants and flowers. It can accommodate a variable number of shelves, allowing the displaying of different kinds of plants, therefore, creating powerful flower visual compositions. The most used flower trolley for logistic purposes is in the floricultural field.

Thanks to its modularity, granted by galvanized posts and movable shelves, this danish flower trolley offers an effective solution for the furnishing of greenhouses, nurseries, and flower shops, optimizing spaces and creating powerful green areas.

The greenhouse flower trolley is widely used in the field: flower base, sunshine greenhouse, seedling room, soil cultivation, sightseeing agriculture, flower market, wholesale market, flower shop, etc.


Advantages of Flower Trolley

1. Hot dip galvanized, not easy to rust, not easy corrosion, long service life

2. Superior technology, excellent quality, pricing

3. Can be arbitrary adjustment layer plate spacing, facilitate flexible use

4. Beautiful and generous and practical

With these essential flower trolleys, the handling of flowers and plants becomes more simple and effective. Thanks to the flexibility of the products, the operators, nursery or Garden Center, are able to transport all kinds of plants and even use them to directly exhibit the plants in supermarkets’ sales areas. Essential for transporting and handling of plants and flowers with shelves adjustable in height.

Applications of Flower Trolley


Package and Shipment of Flower Trolley



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