Storage Metal Tool Cabinet with Drawers

Storage Metal Tool Cabinet with Drawers

The storage metal tool cabinet is ideal for organizing tools, materials, and documents in various work environments. Enhance your workspace with an industrial chest of drawers.


Product Description

The body of the tool cabinet is made of heavy gauge metal sheet, with a heavy-duty robust body frame welded and there are vertical reinforcements on each 4 corners. Coated with electrostatic powder paint. The drawer sliders are made of 2,50mm HRP metal and run on 6201zz ball bearings. Drawer interior walls have metal separator slots in each 17mm to organize partitions properly with EK standards. 350x450mm net usable interior surface. Also, it contains a central locking mechanism and anti-tilt mechanism, and the adjustable feet are included for uneven ground surfaces.

97% drawer extension helps you to reach all points inside the drawers. Drawer cabinet models have an anti-tilt mechanism that does not allow more than one drawer to open at the same time. Drawer heights vary multiple of 25mm as standard, that standard allows you to replace your drawer with another requested size drawer and is able to meet your needs in the future. A slot on the aluminum drawer handle enables drawer labeling. With the help of our online drawer handle tag configurator, you are free to create your own labels easily with ready symbols and a rich variety of font options.


Hot sale styles of tool cabinet

tool cabinet05-Styles-of-tool-cabinet


Features of tool cabinet

The tool cabinet could help to organize heavy tools.

The drawers are equal in size with small inserts to split them.

Totally a rollable moving style, UDL:50kg~80kg per drawer.

tool Cabinets are meticulously designed for full customization.

Material: steel

Color: blue, red, black, grey..etc.

Applicable Industries: machinery repair shops, mold-making areas, manufacturing plants, food & beverage factories, Printing Shops, workshop offices, automotive, textile, medical, jewelry, logistics, pharmaceutical fields, etc.


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