Wholesale Radio Shuttle Rack System

Wholesale Radio Shuttle Rack System


Product Description

The radio shuttle rack system is a complete high-density storage system consisting of racks, shuttle carts, and forklifts. This highly efficient storage method improves high-density storage warehouse utilization, high efficiency, greatly reducing the operating waiting time; flexible mode of operation, access to goods can be first-in-last-out or first-in-last-out to improve the utilization of warehouse space to bring new options.

Radio shuttle rack is generally pallet as a storage unit for food, cold chain, beverages, chemicals, and other items of a single, high-volume storage industry, wholesale radio shuttle rack can be realized in the first-in-first-out and first-in-last-out two modes of operation.


Features of Radio Shuttle Rack

- High-density storage, high utilization rate of warehouse, Up to 80-85%.

- High working efficiency, greatly reducing the waiting time.

- Suitable for storage of rack-life items, such as fruit warehouses, snack warehouses, etc.

- Reduced cargo damage due to the use of shuttles to transfer goods on racks.

- High safety coefficient, reduce the collision between racking and forklift, improve safety productivity.

- Relatively low lighting requirements, compared with other types of racks, the overall investment is lower.

Process of Radio Shuttle Rack

The specific implementation process is:

- Inventory: the forklift puts the goods on the front end of the racking aisle rail, and the shuttle car operated by radio remote control can carry the palletized goods running on the rail;

- Taking goods: the shuttle car will move the pallet deep in the rack to the forefront of the rack, and the palletized goods will be taken down from the rack by forklift;

- Shuttle: The shuttle dolly can be placed in different lanes by forklift, and several lanes can share one shuttle. The number of shuttle cars by the depth of the aisle, the total amount of goods, shipping batch, shipping frequency, and other factors to determine the overall situation.



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