Light Duty Warehouse Metal Steel Racking Shelving

Light Duty Warehouse Metal Steel Racking Shelving

Light duty racking are widely used in warehouse light duty shelves, supermarkets, small and medium sized warehouse and offices. It is applicable to all kinds of small shelf warehouses. Light duty steel shelving plays a very important role in life.


Product Description

Light Duty Warehouse Metal Steel Racking Shelving has beautiful appearance, simple assembly, and the steel laminate can be adjusted up and down arbitrarily. Multiple groups of light shelves can be connected to increase the overall stability of the shelf system. The light shelf is welded with stiffeners, which has a large bearing capacity. The maximum bearing capacity of each layer can reach about 150kg under the relative length. The top of light duty warehouse shelving can be connected with the bottom layer plate and the column by corner code and bolt, which is safe and stable. The middle layer plate is connected with the layer plate by special bolt, which is simple and convenient, and can be adjusted at will. The surface treatment of light goods shelf adopts polishing surface for derusting and oil removal, and electrostatic powder spray treatment, which can spray according to the color specified by the customer. It has the advantages of beautiful color, not easy to oxidize and easy to clean. Light duty steel shelving plays a very important role in life.



1.Fully assembled structure, random combination
2.Convenient and flexible installation and disassembly
3.Low cost and high practicability
4.Beautiful appearance, not easy to oxidize, easy to clean


We export packing in strict accordance with the standard and make a detailed list for our customers. Including name of goods, weight unit, etc. Can also accept the custom packaging requirements of customers. Our aim is to serve every customer well.


Application Area

light duty metal shelving are widely used in enterprise warehouse shelving system, supermarkets and various small and medium warehouse. At the same time, the light duty shelf system has reached the same product level in developed countries. Light shelves can also be laid with anti-static facilities on the laminate, and can be made into anti-static shelves, etc., which have great use value in various fields.



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