Steel Wire Mesh Decking for Pallet Rack

Steel Wire Mesh Decking for Pallet Rack

Aceally steel wire mesh decking for pallet rack offers a variety of sizes, capacities, and custom configurations to accommodate any rack and any application. Whether it's a heavy load capacity, long beams, deep rack, or some other special needs


Product Description

Wire mesh decks can store various materials such as pallets, and boxes and lose stock. Improvement in picking and moving stock as light passes through them giving warehouse workers clear sight. Light efficiencies are increased throughout the warehouse as light travels through the layers.

Wire mesh decks are alternative to traditional wood decking for pallet racking, they have additional benefits such as safety regulations, fire safety protection, and hygiene. Wire mesh decking for pallet racks is a simple, quick, and easy option. Made from steel, wire welded first, and added support bars, they come in either galvanized or powder-coated format for rust-free, long-life durability.

Wire mesh decking for pallet rack is used as another layer, preventing stock from falling past your warehouse racking system and causing injury or damage to your stock. The design of the wire mesh decks prevents the build-up of dust on your products, it also allows your sprinkler system to work efficiently through them in the event of a fire.

Channel Types of Wire Mesh Decking

wire deck styles

Advantages of Wire Mesh Decking

Wire mesh decking is extremely easy to install as it can simply be dropped in or over any standard pallet racking beam. Wire mesh decks are also “self-cleaning” as they prevent dust or debris from collecting on top of them, and they allow for light to pass through to the lower levels, creating a more open and airy feeling about the workspace. Steel wire mesh decking is perfect for storing varying-sized pallets, boxes, drums, and products.

Install wire mesh decks with pallet rack systems to achieve cost-effective and convenient storage of non-standard pallets or non-palletized items within a standard rack arrangement.

Wire mesh decks can easily be reinforced to match the carrying capacity of the load beams. Also, using welded wire mesh decks, instead of solid wood or steel decks, may reduce fire protection requirements for in-rack sprinkler systems. Common sizes are available from inventory for quick delivery.

Specifications of Wire Mesh Decking


Sample CAD Layouts for Your Reference

wire deck drawing

Packaging of Wire Mesh Decking



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