Collapsible Steel Stillages

Collapsible Steel Stillages


Product Description

Collapsible steel stillages are steel frames that can be custom manufactured and welded to specifically suit your products, unlike standard wooden pallets where you are confined to a standard dimension. Steel stillages come with stacking cup feet or spigots on the top or bottom of the posts which also allows you to collapse the frames to a certain specified height.

Once you have determined size and load capacity, you can start collapse steel stillages on top of each other, maximising warehouse storage space.

Unlike pallet racking, steel stillages can simply be re-stacked into another configuration within your floor space if your product storage needs change. This is done easily using a forklift to move and collapse the stillages to suit your workflows and storage needs.

collapsible steel stillages

The Benefits of Collapsible Steel Stillages

1. Return on storage space.

In most situations, owners of business talk about return per square metre of factory space, but with stillages you can start to see rate of return on cubic metre capacity of your factory.

2. Design load capacity.

Another advantage of collapsible steel stillages is the design load can be massive,accommodating working loads up to 20,000Kgs and still be moved to suit large fork trucks. This is rare but achievable, whereas warehouse pallet racking loads generally max out at approximately 3,000Kgs.

3. Collapsible steel stillages for tyre management and storage.

The tyre industry is a great example of the storage benefits of steel stillages.

Bulk containers hand-packed full of new tyres arrive at a warehouse directly from a shipping container. By using stillages, a worker can take the unit to the rear of the container and decant directly into the steel stillage.

Once fully loaded, this stillage can be taken into the warehouse for bulk storage and collapsed into the stock area required. The operator can then take another empty stillage back to the container and repeat the process.


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