VNA Pallet Racking Aceally Warehouse Storage Solution

VNA Pallet Racking Aceally Warehouse Storage Solution

VNA pallet racking systems refers to the pallet racking system for which three-direction forklifts are used.The major difference of narrow storage rack from regular pallet racking is that the width of the VNA racking aisle is much narrower than that of the regular pallet racking system, which makes better use of storage space by 20%.


Product Description

Aceally VNA pallet racking systems are designed to meet the new generation of warehouses up to 17 meters high, designed around the operating tolerances of Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) equipment with aisles marginally wider than the load. Such structures must have a high level of rigidity and accurate manufacturing tolerance.



Features & Advantages:

Increased capacity with increased height:

Warehouse capacity can be increase by an additional 40% over Selective Pallet racking by increasing operational height and the reduction of operation aisle.


Optimal operation:

Radio frequency (RF) controls on the Material handling (MH) equipment will ensure maximum pallet cycles per hour. A smaller reach or counterbalance is generally used in conjunction with the operation of the VNA MH machine, to maximize operation when within the aisle.


High-Bay Storage Advantages:

Good stock rotation

Good order picking: 100% selectivity

Fast picking rate

Good product protection

50% net pallet area usage of overall warehouse area

Limited pallet redundancy as system can run at 95%+ capacity

Uses guide rails or wire guidance for fast movement in aisle


Most Suitable for:

Designed to meet the new generation of distribution centres up to 17 metres high, requires a super flat floor.

Vna Warehouse Specifications:

Name: VNA pallet racking systmes
Main Parts
  • Upright frame, Box Beam
  • Other accessories, such as: corner guard, column guard, pallet support bar, row spacer, etc.
Main Spec.
  • Upright section: 80*60*2.0, 76.2*76.2*2.0, 90*60*2.0, 90*70*2.0, 90*75*2.0, 100*67*2.0, 100*70*2.0, 100*75*2.0, 120*75*2.0, 120*90*2.0mm, 2.5mm is also available.
  • Box beams section: 80*50*1.5, 100*50*1.5, 110*50*1.5, 120*50*1.5-2.0, 140*50*1.5-2.0, 160*50*1.5-2.0, 180*50*2.0mm, etc.,
  • Horizontal & diagonal braces: 40*24/34*1.3mm
  • Powder Coated/HDG/Black Raw
Delivery Time
  • Usually, within 15 days for ordinary order quantity
  • Big qty will make a special arrangement as your schedule.


Packaging & Shipping:



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