Radio Shuttle Racking System

Radio Shuttle Racking System


Product Description

The radio shuttle racking system is a semi-automatic storage and retrieval system that maximizes the use of warehouse space. The radio shuttle racking system can be easily managed via a remote control, loading into storage loads and executing commands to load or unload pallets into aisles. The aisle is supplied with pallets by a forklift such as a reach truck or a sit truck. Maintain maximum selectivity and increase the efficiency of your operations with a radio shuttle racking system.

radio shuttle racking system

The advantage of radio shuttle racking

— High density storage style, high warehouse utilization rate

— High work efficiency, greatly reduce operating time

— Good safety, reduce damage, improve safety productivity

— Operating flexibility, the access of goods can be FIFO, can also be FILO


The working principle of radio shuttle racking

— Inventory: The goods are put on the front end of the storage tunnels by the forklift truck, through radio remote control shuttles, can carry pallets of goods in track operation;

— Pick: The radio remote control shuttle carries the pallet from the farthest end of the storage tunnel to the nearest end of the storage racking system, put down the pallet from the racking system by the forklift truck;

— Mobile shuttle : The shuttle can be place in different storage tunnel by the forklift, several storage tunnels can share a shuttle. The quantity of shuttle is depend on the depth of the storage tunnel, total of goods, shipping quantity, shipment frequency and other factors.


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