Stackable Plastic Storage Bin

Stackable Plastic Storage Bin


Product Description

The stackable plastic storage bin is a storage device used to store various parts and facilitate parts management. Standard colors are red, yellow, blue, and black; below 80 degrees Celsius, it is resistant to common acid, alkali, and any solvent; the water absorption rate of the plastic parts box is less than 0.01%, and the moisture resistance is good. The plastic parts box is light in weight and has a long service life.
stackable plastic storage bin

Advantages of Plastic Storage Bin

1.Impact resistant high strength modified PP material.

2.Resistant to common acid and alkali and various solvents at 55 ℃.

3.Strong moisture resistance, surface water absorption less than 0.01%.

4.Adapt to ambient temperature – 20 ~ 70 ℃.

5.Smooth surface, easy to clean and maintain.

Features of Plastic Storage Bin

1. The stackable plastic storage bins keep small parts organized in less space, which is ideal for workbenches and assembly areas.

2. Reinforced walls for stable, non-shift stacking.

3. Front, back, and side grips for easy handling.

4. Bin dividers – Separate bins into handy sections.

5. Label holders – Identify your bins with self-adhering label holders.

6. Bin storage systems available.

Specifications of Plastic Storage Bin

Model Size(mm) Carton size(mm) Qty per carton
ACL-006 600*400*225 870*640*710 8pcs
ACL-8049 445*300*180 960*470*820 18pcs
ACL-8050 445*205*180 820*460*690 16pcs
ACL-8051 330*195*150 850*360*680 24pcs
ACL-8052 240*145*120 850*490*580 40pcs
ACL-8053 156*100*75 630*330*650 120pcs
ACL-8155 198*255*115 610*515*545 30pcs

Color: Red, Blue, Yellow, It can also support customization

Application: Can be placed and used together with shelves

Bearing: Customized according to customer requirements

Packing: Export packing according to standard, or packing according to customer’s requirement


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