Portable Metal Stackable Racks Storage

Portable Metal Stackable Racks Storage

Stacking rack is a handling and storage device derived from pallets.It is one of the multi-functional equipments for cargo unit assembly, merchandise storage and commodity circulation,and it must be used with forklift.Stacking Rack system is ideal for tyres and smaller warehouses with manual handling. The basis of the system is uprights and shelves made from highgrade powder coated steel. These can be folded and stacked to save space.


Product Description

The series of stackable rack products are designed and produced with ISO standard, and awarded CE certificate. It can be a better material handling solution than standard pallet racking, and it acts as its own pallet,which eliminates the need and cost of wooden pallets. The vertical posts allow racks to be stacked several units high without load-on-load contact and eliminate the crushing damage of product . It allows you to change storage layout easily and inexpensively.

This is one of the most economical tire storage systems, particularly in terms of initial outlay. It is also the most popular storage system in the US and another places. In addition, this molular rack system can be used to meet anywhere without racks and easy to be moved in case.


Stacking Rack Parts:

Stack Rack Base:


This stack rack base helps to mix the load capabilities of pallet racks with the merchandise protection of stacking posts. Removable posts (available separately) enable vertical and side storage to be used to stack or disassemble the racks.

Stack Rack Post:


Stackable portable racks with vertical posts will be stacked up to 5 heights without the necessity to hold loads. they assist to supply protection for loads throughout handling, stacking, and shipping. Powder is coated finished.

Stack Rack Post Set:


The stack rack post set helps to supply protection whereas stacking racks or storing in knock-down fashion to utilize vertical and lateral space for storing. standard stack racks provide simple setup and taking down is without bolts, tools or fittings needed.

Stacking Racks Warehouse Process:

1. First is the material used. In general speaking, the good cold rolled steel plate is priority when we choosing the material. This kind of rolled steel plate are made out of the Q235 steel and stamped by special model. Carbon dioxide gas shielded wire is been used when welding, which accord with national standard(GBT8110-1995、GB/TS110-1995), and this standard is accord with GB.ER50-6、AWSER70S-6’. Normally the narrow aisle, pallet rack and stackable rack is more common in cold room storage.
2. Raw material→stamping→cold rolled forming→sizing→welding→checking→surface painting→packaging→finish product
3. Raw product→acid pickling→washing→checking→washing→parkerising→high pressure washing
4. Powder coating procedure: acid pickling→parkerising→drying→powder coating→Isothermal curing

Stacking Racks Features:

A. It provides a convenient, economical alternative to pallet racks.
B. Base allows 4-way forklift access for portability even when loaded.
C. Stacking racks have various capacities and its are generally constructed of tubular steel
D. Tubular posts allow stacking of up to (4) units high.
E.The storage racks eliminate load-on-load contact when stacked so that product-crushing damage found on standard pallet racks is eliminated.
F. Easy modular assembly, posts are snapped into sockets on base, without any tools required.
G. Removable posts or foldable side design can save stock space maximum when not using.

Stacking Racks Packaging & Shipping:


We’re one of the leading warehouse racking solution providers and designers in China, equipped with a professional and productive factory at your service, and a group of experienced engineers stand behind us. If you are interested in our stack rack, welcome to send us the inquiry and place orders.


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