Light Duty Galvanized Steel Shelving

Light Duty Galvanized Steel Shelving


Product Description

Galvanized steel shelves are one of the light duty storage shelves, uses the high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, stamping forming, and disassemble because it is easy to adjust, the combination of flexible, transformation is very strong, can be used to increase or decrease at the request of the customer placed layer board of the optimum effect of storage.

galvanized steel shelving

Light duty galvanized steel shelving is widely used in warehouses, homes, and offices as storage shelving for storing large quantities of small and light items. Its galvanized and steel material make this storage shelving system more robust. Installation is easy as the hardware involved is negligible, depending on whether or not center supports are used. In most cases, it only requires the installation of a wooden mallet.

Galvanized steel shelving is one of the most economical warehouse storage systems for any commercial purpose. It is available in a variety of heights, depths, and lengths and can carry light and heavy items from 50 kg to 100 kg per shelf.

Specification of Galvanized Steel Shelving

Material Zinc plated steel
Composition Post, panel and accessories
Surface Treatment Galvanized
Layer 4 layers
OEM/ODM Acceptable
Color White
Type Bolted welding/ none welding rack
Length 1000-1500mm
Width 400-500mm
Height 1500mm-1800m
Loading Capacity 100kg/layer
MOQ 50 set

Package of Galvanized Steel Shelving

package of galvanized steel shelving


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