Light Duty Double Rivet Shelving Rack

Light Duty Double Rivet Shelving Rack

Our most popular Industrial adjustable double rivet shelving can increase the storage space dramatically. This model of shelving is strong enough to handle the goods you will come across in the daily life.


Product Description

Boltless rivet shelving is a design that easy to assemble,providing the best solution for your urgent need for storage. The nuts or bolts are unnecessary, it can be installed simply by a rubber hammer. Without the restrain of the cross braces, our shelving are fully accessible to four sides. Furthermore, our shelving can be customized into any sizes according to your specific requirements.

rivet shelving


  • Its Economical storage for any kind of hand loaded material.
  • Rigid, boltless connection between beams and posts.
  • Common tee post between units assures additional rigidity.
  • Easy access to contents from all sides.
  • Braces are not necessary.
  • Shelves adjust on 1-1/2″ centers.
  • Particleboard, MDF or Melamine Faced chip, and wire decking.
  • Optional heavy single rivet beams available.
  • Starter and add-on units combine to form economical rows of shelving.
  • Top and bottom shelves are double rivet and assemble easily without tools.

Product Specifications

Part Name  Spec  Thickness Length Capacity
 Angle Post  37*37mm  1.2~1.9mm  H24″~144″  500~1000kgs
 Heavy Angle Post  47*47mm  1.5~19mm  H24″~144″  1000~2500kgs
 concealed Slot Post  38*38mm  0.9mm  H24″~8″  500~1000kgs
 Double Rivet Beams I  67*21mm56*18mm  1.5~1.9mm  L12″~96″  50~150kgs
 Double Rivet Beam II  68*25mm  1.5~1.9mm  L12″~96″  100~250kgs
 Double Rivet Z style Beam  54*22mm  1.5*1.9mm  L12″~96″  100~250kgs
 Doubole rivet chanel beams I  66*20*20mm  1.9mm  L12″~96″  150~300kgs
 Doubole rivet chanel beams II  68*25*25mm  1.9mm  L12″~96″  150~300kgs
 Heavy  Doubole rivet  chanelbeams I  66*20*20mm  3.0mm  L12″~96″  200kgs~400kgs
 Heavy  Doubole rivet  chanelbeams II  68*25*25mm  3.0mm  L12″~96″  200kgs~400kgs
 Single rivet beams  25*25mm  1.9mm  L12″~48″  50~100kgs
 Heavy single Rivet Beams  25*25mm  3.0mm  L12″~48″  100~150kgs
 Double Rivet low Profile Beams  50.8*1.8mm  3.0mm  L12″~48″  50~100kgs
 Shelf Deck Supports I  60*20mm  1.5~1.9mm  L12″~48″
 Shelf Deck Supports II  63*25mm  1.5~1.9mm  L12″~48″
 Medium Density Fireboard  1220*2440mm  9~18mm  L12″~48″
 Tie Plate  2.0mm  Without fumigation

All of our products can be customized, so don’t hesitate to tell us if the specifications above can not meet your requirements.

Product Components

11-Boltless-Rivet-Shelving 12-Boltless-Rivet-Shelving 13-Boltless-Rivet-Shelving 14-Boltless-Rivet-Shelving

Packaging & Shipping

Boltless Rivet Shelving packing


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