Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks

Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks


Product Description

Cantilever racks are a medium to extra heavy-duty storage solution with load-bearing arms anchored to a steel column. These frames leave the front of the racks unimpeded by structural elements for direct pick access to goods.

As the optimal storage solution for lengthy or odd-shaped loads, cantilever racking easily holds furniture, lumber, tubes, fabric rolls, and pipes. Heavy duty cantilever racks are mostly used to store long materials, plates, annular materials and irregular goods, and their structure is more suitable for machinery manufacturing industries and building materials supermarkets and other fields.

Available in both roll-formed and structural steel designs, these heavy duty cantilever rack systems are made for light-duty to heavy-duty applications. This multilevel storage system is designed and engineered to offer superior strength, stability, and safety. All components are treated with durable paint for a scratch-resistance finish and a matchless professional style.

cantilever rack


Materials of Cantilever Rack

1. Made of square tubes: The heavy duty cantilever racks are mostly based on the corresponding cantilever layer load requirements, select the square tubes suitable for the layer load requirements, and then cut them into the required size according to the requirements, and finally weld the anti-skid guard plate at one end and weld the other end. It is made by connecting U-shaped column connectors.

2. Made of C-shaped steel: Similar to the production of square-shaped steel pipes, the appropriate C-shaped steel specifications are selected according to the corresponding cantilever layer load requirements, and then two pieces of C-shaped steel are butt welded. Guard plate, and the other end is welded to connect the U-shaped column.


Structure of Cantilever Rack

The column pieces of the cantilever rack are connected by connecting rods, and the connecting rods are mostly made of rectangular tubes. Basically, a flat iron back is added to the connecting rod, and a special puller is used to fix the column more firmly, so there is basically no need to worry about the safety and stability of the storage rack.

The heavy duty cantilever rack adopts a special profile column with high-strength cantilever. The forward cantilever is either single-sided or double-sided, and the single-arm bearing can reach up to 500kg. If it is a reinforced column structure, it can withstand a maximum pressure of 2000~3000kg . This structure is light but has good load capacity, and is especially suitable for storing long materials, ring materials, plates and irregular materials.

The combined structure not only has all the advantages of the above structure, but also has a higher space utilization rate, especially when equipped with storage racks, it is more suitable for warehouses with small space but high height, and the classification of goods is clear and convenient for management. However, no matter what kind of cantilever racks are, their components are semi-finished products after production is completed. It is necessary to use a shot blasting machine to remove oil and rust, and then go through a spray treatment to be the real finished product. It will be packaged and shipped after it becomes a finished product.


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