Movable Greenhouse Nursery Flower Display Trolley Cart

Movable Greenhouse Nursery Flower Display Trolley Cart


Product Description


The movable greenhouse nursery flower display trolley cart is a kind of unit mobile assembly equipment that has four casters, which is widely used in the distribution of flowers and logistics. Almost all modern flower logistics use a flower trolley.

Using greenhouse nursery flower display trolley to transport flowers, potted plants or cut flowers with floats no longer uses cartons or wooden boxes, but directly puts them on the pallet partitions, which can protect plants from excessive squeezing and minimize loading losses; on the other hand, it also makes loading and unloading process very labor-saving and greatly improves the efficiency of loading and unloading.

Material: Pull plate mesh, metal mesh, plywood

Surface Treatment: hot galvanizing, cold galvanizing

Wheel Material: pp/nylon/rubber bearing

Size:1350*565*1900mm or customized


Advantages of Flower Trolley

1. The flower display trolley carts movement is convenient and flexible, with caster, convenient and fast movement.

2. The greenhouse nursery flower trolleys save space, make full use of space corners, increase the utilization of space.

3. The movable flower trolley carts are beautiful and practical, can be used as a display rack.

4. The greenhouse flower trolley installation is simple, easy to disassemble, can be freely disassembled, and has storage space.

Applications of Flower Trolley


Package and Shipment of Flower Trolley



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