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Vna Racking System is derived from the selective pallet racking, and only the floor guide rails are equipped. (Some trucks with magnetic conductance do not need floor guide rails). VNA Pallet Racking consists of the same basic components as conventional racking but with runs placed closer together eliminating the wasted space of a wide aisle.

Product Description

Warehouse VNA racking system is a special storage racking, It’s mainly composed of beams, uprights, diagonal bracings, and self-locking bolts. The main body of this warehouse racking system is the ordinary pallet racking, but the difference is that the bottom of the racking ground will be added to the guide rail.

The very narrow aisle racking is handled with special handling equipment. VNA trucks can operate in margined aisle width and greater height than conventional trucks. The VNA truck with rotate the mast or fork from left to right position to store and pick up pallets from the aisle without turning.

Specifications of VNA Racking System:

Name:         Vna Pallet Racking System
Main Parts
  • Upright frame, Box Beam
  • Other accessories, such as: corner guard, column guard, pallet support bar, row spacer, etc.
Main Spec.
  • Upright section: 80*60*2.0, 76.2*76.2*2.0, 90*60*2.0, 90*70*2.0, 90*75*2.0, 100*67*2.0, 100*70*2.0, 100*75*2.0, 120*75*2.0, 120*90*2.0mm, 2.5mm is also available.
  • Box beams section: 80*50*1.5, 100*50*1.5, 110*50*1.5, 120*50*1.5-2.0, 140*50*1.5-2.0, 160*50*1.5-2.0, 180*50*2.0mm, etc.,
  • Horizontal & diagonal braces: 40*24/34*1.3mm
  • Powder Coated/HDG/Black Raw
Delivery Time
  • Usually, within 15 days for ordinary order quantity
  • Big qty will make a special arrangement as your schedule.

Advantages of VNA Racking System:

1. Because the aisle width of VNA pallet racking is usually bigger than the height of the pallet goods, high-density storage can be achieved.

2. The speed of goods circulation is higher than the ordinary racking, VNA pallet racking can be as high as 14 meters high in the air operation.

3. More flexible to operation, the goods can be first-in-first-out, can also be first-in-last-out, and can be used in different places.

Precautions of VNA Racking System:

1. Warehouse VNA pallet racking forklift trucks forklift trucks are divided into two types of magnetic lines and rails, the second one should remember that the first layer needs to be placed on the beam, the height of the beam can’t exceed the height of the rails, the height of the goods need to be in the guide rail can withstand the range and so on.

2. Storage operations also need to use a specialized forklift (three-way stacking forklift) to access, the forklift will be developed along the guide rail sliding. Because the racking channel is narrower, the staff needs to follow the provision to complete it.

3. Each rack has its own load capacity limit, VNA pallet racks are no exception, so in the storage of goods, each layer of the loading capacity should not exceed the maximum loading of the rack, to prevent the collapse of the rack or tilt.

Packaging & Shipping of VNA Racking System:

Aceally pay great attention to export package , aiming at protecting our goods from being damaged during transportation, loading or unloading . Our packs can use forklift to unload the container easily ,be able to greatly save labour cost.

Cases of of VNA Racking System: