Warehouse Selective Pallet Racking System

Warehouse Selective Pallet Racking System


Product Description

Warehouse selective pallet racking system, also known as beam racking system, are usually heavy-duty racks and are the most common in various warehouse storage racking systems. Warehouse pallet racks are used to store unitized pallet goods and are equipped with laneway stackers and other storage and transportation machinery for operations. High-rise storage racks are mostly integrated structures, generally made of steel welded storage racks (with pallets), connected by horizontal and vertical tie rods, beams and other components. The side clearance considers the parking accuracy of the goods at the original position, the parking accuracy of the stacker, the installation accuracy of the stacker and the rack, etc.; the width of the support of the goods must be greater than the side clearance to avoid the unsupported state on one side of the goods.


Warehouse pallet racking system improve the efficiency of warehouse operations by making more efficient use of available space. Warehouse pallet racks help warehouse managers make better use of vertical space because they can store materials on high racks without risk. Pallet racks also make the warehouse cleaner, which improves efficiency and helps prevent misplacement of goods. The consistent use of racks for storage increases pick-and-place time and improves the flexibility of existing spaces.


Application of Pallet Racking System

Selective pallet racking systems are widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics, distribution centers and other fields. They are not only suitable for multi-variety and small-batch items, but also for small-variety and large-batch items. Pallet racking system has high utilization rate, flexible and convenient access, supplemented by computer management or control, pallet racking can basically meet the requirements of modern logistics systems.


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