Customized Steel Pallet Racking Mezzanine Floors Rack

Customized Steel Pallet Racking Mezzanine Floors Rack

Aceally factory customized steel pallet racking mezzanine floors rack widely used in all kinds of warehouses, workshops. It improves the space utilization rate of enterprise warehouse and saves a lot of cost.


Product Description

The steel structure storage pallet racking mezzanine floors rack platform is characterized by high load, large span, and the structure is made of I-beam steel, fixed with screws, strong firmness and durability, widely used in all kinds of factory warehouses and workshops.

mezzanine storage rack

Production process

In the production of mezzanine floor rack for warehouse, we will take multiple steps. The main three steps are as follows. Welding, cutting and painting of mezzanine floor rack surface. These three steps are also the most important three steps of mezzanine floor tracking system.


Installation steps

During the whole installation process of mezzanine racking and plaforms, our company will provide installation assistance and timely guidance for customers. Carefully explain to the customer how to install.

pallet rack mezzanine

After sales service we provide

  • Technical guidance
  • Installation design drawing
  • Remote guidance
  • Handling of quality failure
  • After sales feedback

Application Area

Because the rack supported mezzanine floor itself is strong and durable, mezzanine shelving is widely used in various factory warehouses and workshops to improve the utilization of space and reduce the storage cost of enterprises.

warehouse rack mezzanine racks


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