• 09132021
  • Why do we need to add anti-collision rails to warehouse racks?


    Why in the warehouse rack customization, the warehouse racking manufacturer would suggest installing the anti-collision rail on the side of the rack? Especially heavy-duty storage racks. What is the function of the crash barrier? The crash barrier plays a very important role in protecting the storage rack. Some factories and warehouses are designed with anti-collision fences in the passages to protect the walls on both sides of the warehouse.

    Heavy-duty warehouse racks generally need to use forklifts and other warehousing equipment to assist in storing and unloading goods. When the forklift is driving on the rack aisle, it will inevitably collide with the rack column. At this time, if the anti-collision fence is installed, the anti-collision fence will block it. To avoid the possibility that the forklift will hit the rack column, it plays a role in protecting the heavy-duty storage rack.

     shelf storage rack

    If the forklift directly hits the heavy-duty storage rack, it may cause the shelf storage rack to deform or even collapse, which is very dangerous. In addition, a collision with a heavy-duty warehouse rack of poorer quality is more likely to cause problems, and it also affects the life of the storage rack, and the stored goods may also be damaged.

    Crash barriers are generally arched round tube guardrails, which generally protect steel storage racks, walls, and other goods that cannot be collided. Anti-collision rails are generally located at the bottom of warehouse storage racks, and many of the passages of heavy-duty metal storage racks need to be equipped with anti-collision rails. This prevents the forklift from hitting the crash barrier instead of the storage rack due to misoperation of the forklift, which plays a very good protective role.

    Even if the forklift hits the guard rail due to misoperation, the crash barrier falls on the rack, it can also buffer the impact force, so as to ensure the safety of the rack and prevent the collapse of the rack. Anti-collision bars are generally used as accessory products when warehouse racks are customized, and they are also widely used, so they have a wide range of applications.

    Some customers do not plan to use crash bars when customizing warehouse racks and feel that they will have to pay more. However, we still strongly recommend being equipped with anti-collision rails, unless it is a storage rack that does not use forklifts and other storage equipment to store and store goods. For example, light-duty shelf storage racks for manual storage and retrieval of goods can be considered not to be used in this case. It is recommended to use all heavy-duty storage racks, which will be much safer during use.

    Post time: 09-13-2021