• 08072019
  • The Difference between Drive in Racking and Selective Pallet Racking


    The drive in racking design is the type of storage shelf for large warehouse to store single goods, while the cross-beam shelf is widely used in enterprises nowadays. These two types of shelves often make it difficult for users to choose between them.
    Selective racking
    Selective racking are very common and economical warehouse heavy rack. Easy to install, safe to use, suitable for storage of various types of goods. The space is fully utilized and the access mode is simple and fast. Use pallet access to cooperate with forklift loading and unloading, direct access to goods. Operating efficiency is rapid.
    Characteristic of cross-beam shelf: Storage operation of warehouse is smooth and unimpeded. Arbitrary shelf access and pick-up capability. At the same time, the access of products is also protected with high quality.
    Mechanical equipment requirements: horizontal forklift truck, stacker truck.


    Drive in Racking
    Drive in racking is designed to use pallets to store similar types of goods. The use of shelf rails to push pallet cargo one at a time, there is a large storage density space to improve utilization. Generally applicable to high cost, expensive warehouse rental sites such as frozen warehouses.
    Components of through-type shelf: stable frame, guide rail base, transport guide rail and cable-stayed bar, etc. Can achieve first-in-first-out or first-in-last-out storage mode. It is used to store large quantities of goods of the same variety. Batch jobs with small space and large storage are realized. Convenient forklift truck can directly enter the channel to pick up goods.
    Characteristic of shelf: mass operation, storage of similar goods, first-in-first-out or first-in-last-out storage mode.
    Warehouse equipment requirements: horizontal forklift truck, stacking truck.
    In summary, the two types of heavy shelves in warehouses have their own merits in terms of storage function and characteristics. As for the choice of users, they should follow their own actual situation, so as to meet their own interests and maximize storage.


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