• 09082018
  • Rwanda Customer had a field tour at Aceally racking factory


    On Sep. 7th,Mr. Suresh visited our factory in Nanjing. Victor, the CEO and Mrs Iris Hou gave him an affectionate reception.

    Rwanda is a new and burgeoning market for warehouse racking and material handling equipment, which are enabled Mr.Suresh to have the opportunity to introduce more advanced storage solution to his country.


    Victor, the CEO of Aceally made a wonderful introduction of Aceally Group to Mr.Suresh and he was very impressed on the advanced machines, strictly quality control system and the way of operating business. We had a heated discussion about cooperation and how can we support him on designing, producing and after sale service. What’s more, we also exchanged with each other the latest industrial news and international importation and exportation policies. Finally, the client expressed his great interesting in establishing a long-term business relationship with Aceally Group.


    Post time: 09-08-2018