• 10202021
  • How to take moisture-proof measures to prevent warehouse storage steel rack oxidation


    The humid environment will accelerate the oxidation of the storage steel rack, leading to the rust of the warehouse shelf rack, thus reducing the storage rack life. For the rack warehouse, it is very necessary to take moisture-proof measures. So what are the good measures to prevent moisture? What can we do to more effectively prevent the impact of moisture on storage steel racks?

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    1. The geographical location of the rack warehouse should be strictly selected. In order to avoid humidity, the enterprise should choose a place with a high altitude and an open environment as much as possible when selecting the warehouse location, which can also facilitate the ventilation treatment of the rack warehouse in the future.

    2. In humid weather, pay attention to keep the rack warehouse ventilated and dry, and do not keep the warehouse in a humid condition for a long time. This can also greatly reduce the oxidation of storage steel racks.

    3. The warehouse management personnel shall arrange fixed personnel to inspect the warehouse storage steel racks at regular intervals to observe whether there is paint falling off the storage racks. The paint on the storage steel racks plays a role in preventing the oxidation of the storage racks. If there is paint falling off, the problem must be solved in time. At the same time, there shall be no ponding around the rack and other things that are easy to cause rust on the storage steel rack.

    In the humid environment, it needs the efforts of each employee to maintain the storage steel racks and keep the warehouse as ventilated and dry as possible. At the same time, when using the shelf storage rack, you should also operate carefully according to the user specifications, so as to really protect the storage steel rack.

    Post time: 10-20-2021