• 09222023
  • How to set up the longspan shelving?


    Generally, longspan shelves are approximately 2 meters in length, 0.6 meters in width, and 2 meters in height. These storage shelves are commonly used for storing small items and are highly practical and suitable for storing materials.

    The main aisle of the warehouse shall not be less than 2 meters, or larger than the maximum material entry and exit dimensions. Two racks shall be assembled into a main row, which is approximately 4 meters in length. Industrial longspan shelves are arranged on the left and right sides of the aisle, and the distance between entering and exiting the shelf area during work is also equal. The actions of entry and exit are consistent, making it more practical. According to the actual work situation, other layouts can be set.

    The standard distance between the front and back of two longspan shelving racks is 0.9-1 meters, in that way, the workers will not collide with either side of the shelves, which is more convenient for work.

    How to set up the longspan shelving?

    Some auxiliary tools such as ground cows and small carts can enter and exit between the longspan garage shelves freely. When you stand between two shelves, facing directly opposite the shelves (face to face), you can see all the signs and physical objects, making work smoother.

    If the distance between the front and back of the industrial storage longspan shelving is too small, which is inconvenient to handle, easy to bump, and inconvenient for auxiliary tools to enter and exit, it is not conducive to work quality and efficiency, and is not conducive to ergonomics, giving people a feeling of oppression; So setting up a work environment is very important.

    Setting the number of longspan shelving to 5-6 layers is more reasonable, with a certain amount of space and a sense of hierarchy, which is beneficial for storage, entry, and exit work.

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