• 05222023
  • How to prevent rusting of warehouse storage racks


    In industrial production, warehouse storage racks, as a popular “topic”, have many practical issues surrounding them. Among them, due to the fact that warehouse storage racks are made of steel products, although they are durable and wear-resistant, they are prone to rust after long-term use, and once the storage racks rust and corrode, they are particularly prone to breakage. So, if the surface of the storage rack rusts, how should the rust be removed? How to prevent storage rack rusting?

    Before sharing rust removal methods, let’s first understand the methods to avoid rusting on storage racks. After all, when the storage rack rusts, even if it is cleaned clean, the product already has defects. In fact, the basic measure to prevent rusting on storage racks is to prevent moisture. Below we share the moisture-proof methods for storage racks:


    1. Do not open the warehouse door without taking the goods.

    2. Regularly inspect the storage racks for water droplets accumulation.

    3. Wipe the water droplets on the surface of the storage rack with a dry cloth to keep the surface dry.

    In addition, moisture-proof work cannot completely rely on maintenance management. Warehouse storage rack design and warehouse maintenance design are also important, such as:

    1. Considering the different climates in different regions, if a warehouse is built outside, it should form complete airtightness;

    2. Optimize warehouse drainage and leak repair, as well as warehouse maintenance management.

    3. Regularly measure the humidity, wind direction, wind speed, air pressure, etc. inside and outside the warehouse.

    The acid paste can be used to remove rust from the surface of storage racks. It can improve the surface smoothness of storage racks, form a dense and complete passivation film on the surface of storage racks, and effectively extend the service life of storage racks.

    First, put the acid paste on the surface of the storage rack, the film thickness is about 0.5-2mm, and then wait for 3-10 minutes for the reaction time. When the ambient temperature is below 0 ° C or the rust is thick, please extend the waiting time appropriately. It’s best to brush several times during this period. After the surface oxide scale is completely removed, rinse with water (lime water or alkaline water would be better) to avoid rusting again. The above is all about the issue of rusting on warehouse storage racks, hoping to be helpful to you.

    Post time: 05-22-2023