• 11162020
  • How to design warehouse shelves more safely


    Warehouse shelves are generally designed more than 2 layers, so as to make full use of warehouse space and store more goods. For example, warehouse mezzanine pallet racks, generally designed 2-3 floors, the height of the first floor is usually more than 2 meters. Because the whole floor is mainly supported by columns, some customers will worry about its stability. So how can the loft platform shelf be designed more firmly?
    Other warehouse shelves are supported by the frame made up of columns, and the shelf of attic platform mainly relies on columns. In order to enhance its stability, professional warehouse shelf manufacturers will design welding column, that is, two ordinary columns are welded together, which can support greater load.
    In addition to using welding column to enhance the stability of Guangzhou loft platform shelf, professional shelf manufacturers will design back pull between the welding column. Generally, 2-3 sides are designed to make the whole shelf system more stable. Therefore, even if it is such a high floor, people need to go upstairs and downstairs to store goods, and there is no need to worry about shaking and instability. As long as the design is reasonable and the materials are up to standard, there will be no safety problems.


    Post time: 11-16-2020